Symbrosia x Prowlanu

Custom illustrators of various Native limu of Hawaiʻi. Created for merch and branding.

Laulima x Prowlanu

Custom illustrations that celebrate the biodiversity of native species found in forests & coastal regions. "Mauka" & "Makai" Shirts. (Apparel)

For x Prowlanu

Custom hīhīmanu surface pattern license on hand-sewn market totes

Hālau Unuhi'a x Prowlanu

Brief description of project

Kahua 'Āina x Prowlanu

Artwork licensing with Kahua ʻĀina of ~12 native/ endemic species, illustrated from different wao as described in Ke Ao Nani.

The Queens Medical Health Center

Artwork licensing with The Queens Medical Health Center in collaboration with The Aloha Collection.

Artwork licensed: Light My Fire

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